Healthy Snickers Bars

So a while back my friend Rachel said she’d love to try some healthified Snickers. I bought my first Snickers bar in a long long while to figure out how the real thing looks and tastes like. Basically, Snickers are made of 3 layers: caramel + nuts, nougat and the chocolate coating. We healthify each layer and put them together.

IMG_9792 copy copy
It’s raining Snickers!

I did some Googling and decided to try out 2 recipes that looked most promising: Detoxinista & From My Bowl. The best thing about these recipes is that they don’t require any baking/cooking. Just blend, assemble, freeze & you’re done!

Both recipes taste great. Here are some thoughts I noted down after the taste test.

Can you guess which is the real one?



Nuttier of the two recipes, sweeter and less firm because the nougat layer is largely made of peanut butter. The chocolate layer is more fragile as a result. Resembles real Snickers more. 

Note: I doubled the amount of coconut flour because the ‘nougat’ still felt too gooey, and I could’ve added even more. This bar falls apart more easily but it’s perfectly fine if you put them in the freezer for an hour or more.

From My Bowl

Firmer because of oat flour, less sweet and you can taste the dates. Less like real Snickers but delicious in its own right.

Top: From My Bowl, Middle: Detoxinista


My siblings and friends tried it, and everyone preferred From My Bowl, but if you are a huge peanut butter fan Detoxinista’s would be really satisfying. We liked it more than real Snickers because these are sweet but not sickly sweet – you don’t get this dryness in your throat from all the sugar. The caramel layers are not overly sticky (which helps avoid potentially awkward social situation).

Caveat: both these bars were coated with real chocolate and melt easily! Keep them in the freezer till you’re ready to demolish them and it’ll be ok. Most of the sweetness comes from natural ingredients, dates and maple syrup, instead of the bucket load of refined sugar like in real Snickers. They are still packed with calories and work great as energy bars!

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